Samsung: An ideal electronic brand

Samsung: An ideal electronic brand

Samsung: An ideal electronic brand

…When you talk about technology you cannot but think Samsung, absolutely because its business philosophy is devoting its talent and expertise to creating superior products and services that contribute to a better global society. Since its establishment in 1969, Samsung has grown into one of the world’s leading technology companies, and now recognized as one of the top 10 global brands. BRANDMATTERS MAGAZINE narrates the World of Samsung as Joy Tim-Ayoola, Group Head, Mobile Division West Africa and Chika Nnadozie, Head of Marketing West Africa believe that Samsung being a global leader in technology is opening new possibilities for people everywhere. Through relentless innovation and discovery as well as transforming the worlds of TVs, Smartphones, Wearable devices, Tablets Digital Appliances, Network Systems, Medical Devices, Semiconductors and of course LED solutions. Experts. 

As the Group Head, Division Mobile Samsung Electronics West Africa, what drives your brand?

We create a culture of infinite possibilities, so, this along keeps Samsung moving. And then the deep trust and loyal of our customers drives us to continually grow and lead innovation beyond imaginations.

Joy Tim-Ayoola
Group Head, Division Mobile Samsung West Africa

Being the Head of Marking, do you find your job interesting?

Saying my job is interesting will be an understatement. On a general note, I work in a fast paced industry and that reflects on my daily activities. My role also demands a lot of aggression and pro-activeness to consistently meet and surpass deliverables while staying ahead of competition. Super tasking but amazingly interesting indeed.

As the Group Head, Division Mobile, what are your company’s core values?

Our company’s core values include people, excellence, change, integrity and co-prosperity basically.

You said as Head of Marketing your job is amazingly interesting, could you please tell us what your selling points and your business philosophy is as a person?

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Our ability to connect with and manage people from different works of life. Our ability to remain calm and highly productive within chaos and, our being able to spot opportunity where most will see only problems. So, my business philosophy can be summarized as being relentless in driving innovative and sustainable campaigns with the brands I manage that have a direct impact on people’s lives.

So, Joy, what are your plans for 2023 in terms of quality service delivery and what innovations in technology should Nigerians and Africans be looking forward to?

Samsung has delivered a strong year-over-year growth in smartphones especially with our innovative foldable phones while the majority form factor is still a bar-type smartphone.

So far this year, we’ve unpacked a state-of-the-art range, with the new A Series (A14, A34, A54) as well as the Galaxy S23 Ultra which particularly has a powerful performance, unrivaled camera features, and eco-conscious design. Our customers have a lot more to look forward to as we continue to deliver the next-level experience with our other models to be launched before the end of the year, both for Mobile as well as consumer electronic products. In terms of service, Samsung is one brand that is continually committed to quality service. We’ve created more opportunities for the mass market to be able to afford our products, understanding the peculiarities of the Nigerian economy. We have service offerings that enable our customers now repair their damaged screens at an affordable cost over ruling the myth that Samsung screens are expensive. With our Flex Pay, customers are also able to buy our products and pay in installments over a period of time. These are some of the initiatives our customers can continue to look forward to this year.

Chika, what are the striking marketing tips that work for You as the Head of Marketing and for Samsung?

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I’d say 3 Things stand out; 1- Knowing the audience; this is very key and it’s an on-going endeavor. It’s one thing to have great products which you know Samsung has, to efficiently sell, one has to be able to identify the right users for each of our products and channel our marketing efforts strategically to them and 2- People management; this covers both networking and relationship management of external as well as internal stakeholders. For my role, it’s important I am always aware of happenings in the environment to be able to quickly take advantage of each opportunity and people are key in getting this information and creating partnerships that win. Then number 3-Hiring and retaining a good team; like I always say, every team is a good as its weakest member. It’s one thing to devise great strategies and another to have the right people who can implement them. My team members are one of my greatest assets and I always ensure I hire the right people as well as assign roles within my team that allows them constantly improve their skill levels. 

Recently, Samsung unpacked a new device, as one who is leading the Division Mobile, what do you think is the significance to the new media?

Yes, Samsung recently unpacked the new A Series range – the A14, A34 & A54. These new devices stand out from their predecessors particularly in looks and feels which is pretty awesome. They also deliver a truly special performance from its connectivity, security and design to give its users an overall amazing mobile experience at a great value. And for me that’s huge.

Chika Nnadozie
Head Marking Samsung West Africa

In your view as a Head of Marketing, is marketing the same as advertising and what is the place of advertising in branding?

See also  “LCI puts premium value on capacity building of members. It is a huge investment that prepares office holders to excel.” - PCC (princess) Bridget Adetope Tychus.

Marketing is omnipresent, it’s the process of understanding the market conditions in order to identify the customer needs and create a product that it sells itself while advertising is promoting a product/service. What this means is that advertising is only a part of marketing, with the later comprising of much more that advertising.

Joy, how can you describe Globacom partnership with Samsung to delight customers with exclusive Galaxy S-23 Smart Phone?

Samsung in partnership with Globacom has created a special exclusive offer for Glo subscribers, which allows them trade-in their old devices on purchase of the new Samsung Galaxy S-23 series with a discount and purchase the one Terabyte version of the S23 Ultra.  In addition, I will describe the partnership as an opportunity for device financing which allows Glo customers to pay over a period of time. It is a valued partnership I must confess and both parties are happy for it.

Chika, what is the place of technology in the nation building, also does Samsung Electronics Company has plan for women, knowing fully that women are nation builders?

As a global leader in technology and innovation, Samsung aims to lead by example and advocate for gender equality and the empowerment of all women in the workplace. As a company, Samsung has a culture that respects diversity, equity and inclusion and believes that this essential to continued innovation. So yes, the company will continue to create platforms for women to win both within the workplace and through its products.