Ex-board member of FIIRO commends President Tinubu on introduction of student’s loan

Ex-board member of FIIRO commends President Tinubu on introduction of student’s loan

Former board member, Federal Institute of Industrial Research Oshodi (FIIRO), Hon. Chief Nicholas Adekunle Chidiebere Ajayi, has commended President Bola Ahmed Tinubu for the introduction of students’ education loan.

Speaking at the biennial inter-house sports competition of Ageke Primary School, Ejigbo, the All Progressive Congress (APC) Chieftain in Lagos State, said the policy was great step in right direction towards development of education in Nigeria.

“President Tinubu knows the importance of education in every nation, as bedrock for development. During his administration as governor of Lagos State, the people enjoyed free education from primary to university level. Also he has given special attention to the education sector and that can be found in the 2024 budgetary. I want to thank him so much for that allocation to the educational sector.

“The benchmark for budgetary allocation to education in developing countries like us has not been met but I know very well this present government has taken step in the right direction and we as citizens, are asking for more in future budgetary. Of a remarkable instance is the student education loan and it is a welcome development. It is been practice in other clime, especially in the developed countries and we want to appeal to administrators and those who are going to overseas not to destroy it, because it is something Nigerians have been yielding for very long time and God has given Nigerians the opportunity through this present president.

“We need to deal with the student’s education policy intelligently and make sure that the indigent students and those who really need it get it. So it will help the students finish their education and those who want to further will do that. This development will go a long way to produce the required manpower needed to move the economy and nation forward” he said.

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On the inter-house sports competition, the German trained politician , said that the sporting events and academic programme are like two side wings of a flying bird.

“Sporting events’ affords the schools to discover talents and I am confident that talents like Falilat Ogunkoya, Mary Onyeali, Haruna Quadir, etc will be discovered at the Ageke Primary Ejigbo inter-house sports. However, it is on that note I am congratulating parents for their wise decision of bringing their wards to a standard school like this.

“Subsequently, I will like to also commend the Head teacher and staff for their unrelenting efforts in administering a balanced study programme to their pupils. Without any gainsaying, the importance of sports activities to the child’s physical and mental growth can’t be over emphasized, it afford the pupils to learn off class as it helps them to acquire multiple physical and mental health boost. Anxiety and depression levels are reduced, improved heart health , enhanced emotional well-being, teamwork and meeting people through joint participation.

“In the light of this, I am appealing to governments at all levels to keep supporting the school through disbursement of sport endowment fund (SPEF), so as to really complement the efforts of school management on the development of sporting activities in public schools.

In her remark, Head Teacher of the school, Mrs. Victoria Idowu, said that their inter-house sports competition is geared towards fulfilling one of the cardinal objectives of the school curriculum , which is to engage the pupils in extra –curriculum activities as expectedly by the Ministry of Education.